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Извратени Права Коса Бразилски Коса Тъкат Снопове Груб Яки Човешка Коса На Снопове Роза Продукти Кралица Коса Реми

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Етикети: Реми, разширяване на човек, разширяване на лито, Евтини разширяване на Реми, Високо качество на разширяване на човек, Разширяване на Китай тъкат доставчици.

  • Тегло На Опаковката : 0.5kg (1.10lb.)
  • Размер На Опаковката : 30cm x 20cm x 5cm (11.81in x 7.87in x 1.97in)
  • Тип На Блока : парче
лв.76.82 лв.57.62

  • Химическа Обработка: След химична вълна
  • Подходящи Са Умиращи Цвят: Всички Цветове
  • Тип Човешка Коса : Бразилски Косата
  • Специфично Тегло: 100 грама(+/-5g)/бр
  • Може Би След Химична Вълна: Да
  • Броя в опаковка: 1 Бр Само
  • Патици На Косата: Машина Двойна Патици
  • Търговска Марка : Розата Е Царицата На
  • Максимална Дължина: 10 инча, 12inches, 14inches, 16inches, 18 инча, 20inches, 22inches, 24inches, 26 инча, 28inches, 30 инча
  • Текстура: Извратени Директен
  • Материалът Е Клас: Реми Коса
  • Вид На Косата : Тъкане
  • С Дълга Коса Съотношение: >=20%
  • Материал: Човешка Коса


I'm in love with this hair! I'm so glad i don't have to straighten my own hair anymore, this hair blends just as i would have hoped. My only issue is that the ends of the hair appear to look a little straight after some time. Also, once i dyed the hair, it lost a bit of its texture which was a bit disappointing. I've had the hair sewn in for a week now and have experienced minimal tangling. The hair still feels really soft even after dying it! It sheds the usual amount but nothing crazy. Overall, i am very happy xxxx
Braslavskaya Anna
The hair is amazing,I love it so much.It blend with my hair perfectly.It is thick and soft with minimal tangles.The seller Grace has excellent communication and the shipping was fast.I 've has the hair installed for 3 weeks but it hasn't given me any problem.I plan on purchasing from this vendor in the future.thank u Rosa Queen!!Always the best!!!
ChaMakito Hampa 1916
this hair is true kinky straight. I ordered 1 16" and 1 18". I put a black cherry rinse on the hair to match my natural hair. the hair is longer I measured it and the 18" bundle is 20" and the 16 is around 17.5". i wand curled the hair with a titanium rod and the curls lasted 4 days. at night i put the hair in a high pineapple and use a dread sleeve so the hair stays put and in the morning it looks great. I have no shedding and no tangling. this hair is perfect. I have installed for 1 week and can tell it's going to last me a while. I bought similar hair from a very expensive company and the quality was no where near the quality of this hair. the curls have so much bounce and movement. the first 2 pics are some pics after I wand curled the hair. 3rd pic is 2 days later and the 4th one is right before I curled the hair and last one is day 3 of curls.
Bobby Pompa2000
I'm very satisfied with my purchase...Communication with supplier was super and very polite. Shipping was super quick, received it earlier than expected! I soaked it in conditioner for about 30 mins. and air dried and it did keep it's shape and texture which matched my NATURAL texture very well, very FULL and SOFT.I also installed and straightened it a bit and after 3 days the hair was still soft and manageable with absolutely no tangling in the front or back and I'm impressed with the quality of hair for this price and the compliments are endless. Seller was great with a good communication. She was in touch with me on each steps of the order .Thank you ROSA QUEEN HAIR.I'm very satisfied with my purchase.I will update once I make another hairstyle.I recommend!I AM SURE WILL ORDER AGAIN.

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